It has been a very busy and fun couple of days here at East Valley Ranch! The girls have begun to start the bonding process between horse and rider as well as make many new friends!

The fourth of July went off with a bang! Yurts 1 and 2 woke up early to help wrangle in the horses before flag raising. After flag raising we had another DELICIOUS breakfast before the girls split up into two groups. Those who rode second the day before rode first in a lesson and a trail ride. The second group, who rode first, went off to make friendship bracelets and talked about what would be necessary to have in a barn before designing their own!

Lunch followed after that and then the girls got a chance to relax and hangout during rest hour! The groups flip flopped after that, and ALL of the girls got to have their lessons and time at the barn before the thunderstorms hit! Everyone was so happy! After the girls finished up taking care of their horses and the barn it was time for dinner which was PIZZA! If the girls hadn’t been excited enough for that, the surprise that came after dinner certainly helped EVR get going! The store came for a visit and all of the girls were able to buy really cool things like sunglasses and t-shirts!

The storm continued but evening program carried on regardless, as the couch room in the lodge was set up to have a big MOVIE NIGHT! The girls all sat together on the couches and enjoyed a movie about….you guessed it! Horses! After a long day of riding and excitement the girls then went to bed ready for the next day!

Yesterday Yurts 3 and 5 had the chance to get up and wrangle the horses in! Everybody was up and ready to go on time and the horses were all in the barn with their breakfasts before flag raising! Breakfast was served and the groups were flip flopped once again, giving the girls who had rode second on the fourth the chance to ride first again. Lessons and trails on our Sherriff’s Shortcut were amazing as all the girls are progressing so well with their horses!

The girls who weren’t at the barn got to learn all about the parts of the horse’s tack as well as do arts and crafts, where the girls made SUPER CUTE ponies out of pine cones.

The day went wonderfully! All of the girls chatted about how much they loved their horses and the fun things they learned before their surprise evening program to end the day. The staff put together a riding demonstration that consisted of a game of transitions and drill team. This taught the girls all about team work and communication when it comes to horses and other riders! The staff members riding also switched horses to demonstrate how different riders and riding techniques can work really well with some horses and how some riders are definitely better suited towards others!

Today the girls all got to sleep in a bit instead of wrangling and met at the flag pole for flag raising! After breakfast the girls split up again with half of the girls learning about horse careers while the others went for their lesson at the barn! Constant water breaks were a MUST seeing as it was really hot today and instead of doing arts and crafts or a sport the girls got to take a HAYRIDE down to the farm for WATERFRONT!!!! Everyone got to relax in the natural water hole and all of the girls were splashing and laughing as they cooled off!

We just got back from the second group’s trip to waterfront and all the girls are already asking when we can go back. Dinner will be starting soon and all of the girls are excited to eat. After dinner they will all have time to shower and drink more water before it is time for a…TALENT SHOW! We can’t wait to see what talents the girls are going to show us tonight!

We <3 EVR!

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