Adventure Village really, really wanted a story one night earlier this week. Not any story, mind you. They wanted me to tell “The Doubletop Plane Crash Mystery.” It’s a hard story to tell but I obliged. When I walked out to Sequoia at 9:30 PM, they were ready: sitting around a roaring fire. It turns out that a dozen of them were planning to hike up Doubletop Mountain the next morning. I told the story. They asked their questions. The hikers slept fitfully, dreaming of the densely wooded (with spruce trees) top and perhaps dreaming of the prospect of finding the whole two-seater plane that crashed in the saddle between the two peaks decades ago.

In the morning I saw them up early and wolfing down breakfast in the dining hall. They asked a few more questions, getting themselves ready all the more for the 3-plus-hour hike up to 3900+ feet (from our valley-floor 1,900 feet).

I took a photo of the hearty crew (see below). And as I walked back from the dining hall to the office, I looked back behind me. And there was our mountain, gracing the horizon as always.

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