Our adventure trips are off! After a mellow opening campfire on Sunday night, and a busy pack-out on Monday, our Maine Coast and West Virginia Trips headed out for their 2 week adventures Monday afternoon. Close behind them was the one-week try it trip that is in for a fun climbing adventure. This morning we said goodbye to our Vermont Voyagers, off to sail on Lake Champlain, and our Catskill Trail Builders who are going to do some good service work giving back to the area we live in. We’re so excited for all of them!

From here on out, for trips, no news is good news! We’ll post a mid-trip update about the itinerary for our trip kids but the next picture you’ll have from us is of your kids stepping off the buses on next Wednesday or Thursday! MVIMG_20180814_074020 MVIMG_20180814_080308.jpg

For Adventure Village, we still get to keep the kids around for this week! They’ve already been running around, giggling and learning how to make fires and build tarps. They opened their campfire Sunday night with a trust walk through the woods, and today they’ll use those new trust skills as they tackle some rope elements!

Look for another update on the Village in the next day or two!

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Tori Staley is our Adventure Director. She grew up in State College, PA, an avid hiker, rock climber, camper, and lover of the outdoors. After graduating from the University of Vermont, Tori taught Outdoor Education and Spanish in Colorado, before earning her Masters in Gender Studies in London. Throughout all of that though she returned every summer to Frost Valley! Tori has been an Adventure Village Counselor, AIT Coordinator, Trips Logistics Coordinator, and then served as a Mental Health Support for Camp.

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