Session 2 comes with a diverse camper population. We have veterans, the families who have been with us for two or three generations, and then there are those who, like the veterans so many years before them, are here for the very first time. For those who are new they saw a particularly smooth check in, at the Welcome Center we had familiar faces in both parent and camper alike, and the bus arrival proved to be one of the smoothest our team has ever seen.


As one of the first faces at check in, it was great to see these families and campers all going through the same process. From handing over their luggage, to heading up to the dining hall to see the Camp Directors, and finally returning to the luggage tent a short while after, with only those too young to stay with us in tow. Here we see a mixture of emotions in all of our families.

Apprehension. Excitement. Not homesickness, but kidsickness (the feeling of missing your kid). Pride in this camp and the camp experience. Our families arriving is another reminder to me of the whole experience we provide, showing how much our families grow from camp, not just the campers.

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