Hi everyone and welcome to session 4!  On sunday after we had gotten to know everyone and had dinner we headed off for our opening campfire. At our opening campfire each village did a skit and performed to everyone. We certainly recieved a few giggles for ours which involved us introducing ourselves in different languages.

On monday we had our eval day, where the campers ride a horse to see which one would be suited to them. They all loved it and it was lovely to see some first timers on a horse at frost valley! We also learned our villages chants to perform at lunch and participate in hoopla. Hoopla involves all villages chanting to each other after lunch! In the evening we went down to the waterfront to do night swimming. Everyone enjoyed having most of the lake to themselves whilst some sat by the campfire to warm up after their swim.

On wednesday we had our usual waterfront in the morning and then headed off to candle making! The kids were so excited to try this new activity and they made some brilliant candles! Our evening program was USB (ultimate sicko ball). This is where all the wawayanda villages come together to play an altered version of capture the flag and it was enjoyed by all that took part!



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