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Pete’s Pavilion

 My kids usually come home with amazing stories about their village overnight. Pete’s Pavilion stands out as one of their favorites. When I got to camp late Saturday afternoon, I was informed that we were going to Pete’s Pavilion for an overnight. Within a few minutes, I was packed and ready to go. “Could this be any better?” I thought. I am going to experience Pete’s. The hike to Pete’s is not long but you go through the creek, hike in the woods, up a road less traveled and through a meadow. It’s not a difficult hike, but it’s not a walk around the block and like many places up here you feel off the grid (and many times you are). As we approached Pete’s Pavilion, I was reminded of the last scene of the Sound of Music as the Von Trapp’s crossed the border witnessed only by the majestic mountain peaks. The Catskill peaks visible from Pete’s are amazing. The gear–sleeping bag, H2O bottle, hoody or rainjacket and flashlight–gets delivered by FV truck so all you need to do is findyour stuff and choose a spot in the meadow. Easy! The evening meal was simple and tasty, campers pursued any number of spontaneous group activities and we relaxing into a beautiful sunset. Yep, I can see why Pete’s is a favorite FV destination. As night fell upon us, counselors gathered their campers for an“under the stars experience”.Within the hour, the wind changed direction, the sky got cloudy and off in the distance thunder rumbled. A decision was made to mobilize the younger kids into the pavilion just in case of rain. About ½ hour after we got the kids snuggled into the Pavilion and asleep, the decision to take most of the campers to a large FV building about 1/8 of a mile down the hill was made. The kids were mobilized and we all hiked down to the shelter—flashlights and gear in hand. With fire drill precision, counselors and campers simply did what was needed with as little drama as possible.The Shelter, fortunately, had electric, water and a bathroom. A Fair trade off. Once safely settled inside, lights went out and off to sleep. It did rain (twice as a matter of fact). Yep, smart decision to move to the shelter. Sunday morning was sunny and the hike back to camp didn’t seem so long and everybody was happy to get back to the farm. Our camp cooks made a delicious brunch and we had a relaxing day. To my surprise, I didn’t hear any complaints about the tough evening at Pete’, disappointment or upset; though I did hear a few mentions of missing Mom and Dad. I, along with the rest of our camp, now have an unforgettable and amazing experience of Pete’s Pavilion. J.



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