3 canoes on lake cole

pics… follow up

Just a notice – the photo album was unlisted until 5 minutes ago, so the Session 2 photos are now completely available, I apologize for any inconvenience!

As an aside… I’m starting to let some of the campers that are interested in photography try a hand at taking some of the photos – so you will probably notice a distinct difference from when I’m taking photos than when the campers are.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the shots they take – and since they are going through this experience the perspective and the insight that they are able to share comes through – hope you get to appreciate that as much as I do!

We finished last session with a 30 minute photo montage/movie and the kids were really excited to be able to see the photos.  They requested more funny faces – so this first batch of photos for this session is mostly that – we got lots of laughs and it makes their time here so much more memorable!  This video will be available upon request for $10 (Shipping and handling included) and you can either email John or myself for this.

Have a wonderful day!




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