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Pixilating Camp – Creativity through a Camera Lens

The Frost Valley Community extends across the country, and we were fortunate enough to have some California Alumni visit this past week. KC Johnson, former Pokey Totem and Windsong Village Chief, spent the week here teaching specialties with her husband Drew and friend Steve.  All three of them are very experienced in the Los Angeles animation and moving making scene and brought their talents to the Frost Valley Activities Team.

Our campers learned Comic Book Drawing with Drew, a Comic Book Artist who has worked on books such as Wonder Woman, filmed short feature films with Steve, who has worked on movies like Life of Pi, and learned Animation techniques from KC, who works for the Simpsons. Not only did we get the chance to use our creative imaginations with the biggest film experts out there, but we captured some awesome memories of Frost Valley on camera.

One of our classes was called, “Pixilating Camp”.  We used stop motion animation to take pictures all throughout camp, and put them all together to create mini movies. Here are a couple pictures from our video, and the full length films can be seen on our Smugmug Website ( www.frostvalley.smugmug.com )

IMG_0516         IMG_2657IMG_0671

We had a wonderful week with our guests, and were so lucky to have them here at camp.  It is so wonderful to see how the Frost Valley alumni are so successful in life, while still keeping place for us in their hearts.


Katie Bean

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