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Rain, Rain Go Away!

What a wild Wednesday it was today in the Hird! The day started off perfectly warm and sunny, which was great to play outside in! I caught up with Hemlock village as they played an elaborate game called Cornucopia – a game where the winner is the last man standing! The game involves squishy dodgeballs, frisbees, and poly dots which each have a separate function. The poly dots are shields, the dodgeballs are “fire balls” and the frisbees are a wildcard depending on the staff member who throws them into the mix! 

Next I caught up with Tacoma village as they spent the last few moments of sunshine in the garden! Our garden manager Alex is phenomenal at his job – and an even better (and exciting!) instructor on not only what vegetables/fruits and other plants we are growing but also explaining their function in the garden as a whole! Below you’ll see them picking fresh kale and green beans (yum!)

Lastly, I caught up with Sacky village as they had an INCREDIBLE round of rave Zumba! The energy in the room was amazing, all the girls not only participating but encouraging one another to get even more into the dances! The lights went off at one point and that’s when the fun really began! The staff had all their flashlights places around the room at various locations so the light only lit the floor, and you could see all the feet jittering around on the floor. 

Hopefully the rain stays away for the next few days so we can continue to enjoy the outdoors and all the activities! Regardless, you can bet we are having a great time here!



Meredith Gray

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