Raspberries, Potatoes, and Nasturtium!

It’s another beautiful day here at Farm Camp. It started out with some liquid sunshine, but after that cleared up we have had a sunny and warm day! There have been scattered showers in the Catskills, but we have had plenty of fun, even when we are indoors.

Today in specialties there were raspberry face masks (exfoliation at its finest), raspberry tea, and raspberry popsicles! That is a LOT of raspberries! The barn specialties did some science experiments with milk, vinegar, and food coloring. The other group that went to the barn discussed farm animal care on a commercial scale. Some of our other specialties spent their time making biscuits, cupcakes, and other delicious food.

Later on in the day, our campers went to their camper’s choice activity. Camper’s choice happens once every day. The counselors offer 5 activities that change daily, and the campers get to choose which one they attend for the day. Today, we had dance classes and games, butter making, shoe decorating, decoupage, and our garden class fried nasturtium flowers to eat.

Last night we had to move our evening program inside, due to rain and we had the first-ever Lip Sync Battle at the Farm. Each yurt picked a song and created a dance to that song. Then, they performed their songs in front of the whole camp. We had some great dances including songs like “Hakuna Matata”, “Cups”, “Dancing Queen”, and many more.

Even with the rain, we still have fun at Farm Camp. Besides, without the rain, we wouldn’t have as much food to harvest! See the photo above for our latest harvest!


Nicki Macy

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