3 canoes on lake cole

Riding in the shade :)

Hey from East Valley Ranch!!!! Sorry about the delay with posts, we have been having some internet problems… but we’re BACK online!

Last night the girls played ‘Killer at EVR’ for their eveing program and loved it – of course! It’s always a favorite… especially since we play down in the gamesroom which always stays so nice and cool.

This morning Yurt 5 (the younger yurt) wrangled the horses in and then headed to breakfast for some waffles & maple syrup – YUM! After breakfast the Buckin’ Broncs took to the barn to groom and tack their assigned horses – after a few quick horse & rider swops, we should be set for the session 🙂 The buckin’ broncs did a small bit of arena work and then took to the trails to cool off in the shade. They rode up Ranger Ridge Lower which they all really enjoyed. The girls got back in time to hose off their sweaty horses before a chicken fajita lunch. The Barrel Racers on the other hand chose ‘Design your own barn’ as their ground lesson and then worked on some more basic vet skills.

Following lunch and a manditory ‘movie time’ rest hour the groups flip flopped and the Barrel Racers headed to the barn to prepare their horses. They also did some arena work and then took to Sheriffs Shortcut extention – which is our newest trail which runs along side the river. It was nice and shady under those hemlock trees 🙂

At 4.30pm, all the girls joined forces to hose, feed and turn out the ponies. We then worked together to clean the barn and set it up for the next day. Even after working hard to clean the barn the girls spoke about still wanting to own their own pony – Parent’s watch out! haha!

We had PIZZA for dinner and then Jim from the Camp Store came to visit with his mobile store. The girls all purchased what they wanted and are now having yurt/shower time before their evening program tonight!

When it’s hot out… we take to the trails…. nothing can stop us!!!

We <3 EVR!!!





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