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Rollin’ Right Along

Hi folks, we just noticed that some of out posts weren’t tagged to the Adventure Blog. I’ve updated this post it’s From July 16. We apologize for any confusion this might have caused. Happy Trails!

The heat has been turned up, but that doesn’t deter our campers from rolling right into adventure! Armed with water bottles and smiles, our campers have charged headlong into summer fun.

AdVill started out the day hanging out in the village. Relaxing in the shade, the morning was spent getting to know each other and forming the bonds of friendship that will last well beyond this summer. New connections were made, old friends reunited, and many laughs were heard in the village.

Before lunch, the AIT’s (Adventure-Instructors-in-Training) came to the village to run the morning activities. With their now well-developed leadership skills, they organized the Adventure Village Campers into three groups and departed from the village. The first group engaged in the usual mischief, wandering around camp and pranking whichever group, village, or individual that happened to cross their path. The pranks and shenanigans of “The Council”, as it is known, are mysterious and well-kept secrets (though harmless, ridiculous, and completely hilarious). The Second group spent the morning before lunch constructing elaborate and beautiful valentines for our dear Edward Jenkins. Director of marketing at Frost Valley, we have Edward and his team to thank for the final copies of the new Adventure department fliers that we will be handing out at the end of the session. The Third group organized and ran a wonderful Parade — simply for the sake of having a parade. This event was well-received by the rest of camp.

The afternoon brought more fun, with groups exploring up the creek that runs adjacent to AdVill, testing their strength and resolve on the famous Y-Tower (our resident climbing wall / high-element course), and learning and experimenting with the most effective fire-building techniques in our Outdoor Living Skills class.

In the late afternoon, the AIT’s engaged in a new activity named “Cooking for the Dutchess”. Blindfolded, our AIT’s randomly picked ingredients from a pile, formed groups, removed their blindfolds and examined their choices. Hilarity ensued, but quickly turned to determination to create the most delicious dish possible with the very odd assortment of ingredients before them. Wonderful culinary masterpieces emerged from this most delectable and delicious activity.

Our campers finished off the day by playing games in the field. After all the activity, spending the day in the energy-sapping heat, our campers were quite tired (despite being well-hydrated throughout the day). Back in the village, they are passing the night in blissful sleep, with the forest and the creek close at hand, the sounds of which will drift into the ears of the campers to make vivid the pleasant dreams of summer.


Zach eigenbrodt

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Zach couldn't keep himself out of the woods when growing up. He started working at a Northern Wisconsin YMCA Camp as a wilderness trip leader while in college and fell in love with getting kids into nature. The smiles on kids faces after returning from a once in a life time wilderness experience is why he is here today. Zach brought his talents to Frost Valley YMCA, in 2014, when he started as the Trips Coordinator and soon was promoted to Adventure Director. Zach loves all forms of Wilderness exploration, though some would say his heart lies most with canoeing.

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