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What a jam packed Saturday we’ve had! Typically, Saturdays tend to be a theme day here at Frost Valley – which means we pick one movie, sport, concept, etc. and create activities that correlate to the theme.

Tacoma village had a “Basketball Star” themed day, which meant all the campers participated in basketball central activities for the day. They walked around camp with basketballs, hung out on the court perfecting their jumpshots and dribbles, and chanted “Ball is Life!” whenever they were mobile. It was hysterical and enjoyed by all the campers! 

Sacky village had a “Parent Trap” Theme Day – with activities that included pranking other villages on camp and ending the day with a food fight, naturally! To some degree, all the campers got involved including in the food fight, which mostly meant they covered their counselors in whipped cream, chocolate syrup, mustard or tomato sauce – a great (and definitely uniquely messy) time was had by all!

Sunburst village had spy theme day! Which all 16 members of the village really embodied! To start it off, each member dressed in all black and wore hats/visors/sunglasses to guarantee they wouldn’t be exposed as they ran around camp investigating (interviewing) staff members with silly questions such as “where were you at this exact moment yesterday?” “how many ounces of water have you drank today?” and “how do you feel about the camp grilled cheese?” 

I caught up with PAC as they played “golf” with Forest village  – 10 year old boys! In this version, they had hockey sticks and plastic balls, it was just as wacky and silly as you would expect from that combination!  We look forward to many more fun, exciting, silly memories to share with you all!



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