Environmental Education Field Trips

We invite you and your students to visit our outdoor classroom—the forest, fields, hiking trails, lakeshore, and riverbeds—where education lives and breathes. Here, students learn the natural way and experience transformation.

Below is a brief clip of what a school field trip might look like. The second full minute of the video a trip that 8th graders from Colombia Secondary took here at Frost Valley. They’re trip focused on lessons about the watershed, but we have many classes and programs to choose from to help your class meet its educational goals. The following video is from the Watershed Agricultural Council, which generously provides educational grants to many of our schools. Please note: the only part of this video that takes place at Frost Valley is shown in minutes one through two of the video; the rest is about other amazing services that the Watershed Agricultural Council provides!

Our Frost Valley YMCA staff can help you design and conduct programs that meet the standards of New York and New Jersey curriculum and the requirements of New York City Watershed Education grants. But we do more than offer top-notch environmental education, academic support in reading, writing, math, science and art, challenging adventure courses, and recreation. We impart our values—the foundation of everything we do—to students and teachers alike, sparking the transformation from student to leader in just a few days, inspiring a passion for lifelong learning.

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