Three hot, wholesome meals are served daily. Our dining hall offers a vast array of options from the typical kid fare to organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options. Care is taken to meet the dietary needs of all of our campers. Fresh fruit is labeled with its origins and available for snacking all day long. Chartwells Educational Dining Service creates the menus, ensuring that each meal is nutritionally balanced. Candy and soda are not served or sold in the Camp Store.

At every meal, there is a cereal bar, fresh fruit bar, and two salad bars, as well as soup and sandwich fixings. Juices, water, tea, and coffee (for adults) are also available at all times throughout the day.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still have any questions or concerns, contact our Food Service Director at 845-985-2291 ext 230 or email




My son (daughter) has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Should I send food along for him (her)?

If for your peace of mind, you would like to send some favorite comfort foods, you are welcome to do so.  We have a refrigerator in our kitchen dedicated to special diet campers.  That being said, please be assured that we regularly address this issue.  Recent numbers indicate that fully one in ten Americans are consuming gluten-free diets.  We regularly stock, for example, Udi’s Brand Gluten-free bread and roll products.  We always have available a quinoa/rice pasta.  We maintain a menu of GF cookies and cakes.

I have a student in my school who is severely allergic to walnuts and pecans. How can we address this concern?

The entire Frost Valley property is considered to be tree nut and peanut-free.  Nowhere in our menu can you find any nut or peanut ingredient.  Even our “peanut butter” is not made of peanuts!  Enjoy our spread made from roasted edamames!

My husband and I are planning on staying at Frost Valley one weekend next month. What are our dining options?

Dining happens in our Thomas Lodge dining hall.  Breakfast is served from 8 AM to 9 PM.  We offer a full breakfast with assorted pastries, hot cereal, cold cereal, fruits,  yogurts, eggs, potatoes, sausage or ham, French toast or pancakes, and of course coffee
Lunch is served from 12 noon – 1 PM.  There are two salad bars (one dairy-free), house-made soups, a cafeteria type buffet service with at least three entrees (one of them always vegan), and a comfort food station such as pizza or mac&cheese.
Dinner is served from 5:30 PM-6:30 PM.  The service is similar to that at lunchtime, with the entrees being just a bit more hearty.

We are staying at Frost Valley as a family. How can I know that the food will appeal to both my children and the adults with me?

During family sessions, we make efforts to address everyone’s palate.  The service is cafeteria-style.  Help yourself to all you can eat of the menu item of your choice.  There are always at least three menu choices on the service line and a “kids’ station” in the dining area.  The kids’ station is an offering such as macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza, taco station, nacho station, or maybe corn dogs.  On the café line, you’ll find at least three entrée choices, one of which will always be a vegan choice.  Our management staff will always be available should you have a special need to be addressed.

Is there a coffee shop available for non-meal hour snacks?

There is no coffee shop at Frost Valley.  However, the dining hall will be open for your enjoyment.  Stop in at any time of the day for coffee or other beverages;  and there is always a selection of fresh fruit as well as a variety of cold cereals.