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Session 1 Reflection

Today would have been the end of session 1. It would have been a day filled with a lot of emotions for campers and parents alike. Though sad, this day is also joyous. Retelling camp stories and what you have learned during your two weeks of camp is, in my opinion, part of the magic of camp.

We may not have had two weeks together in The Valley, but this is still a great time to share something wonderful with someone that you love. To help you get started on what to share we have the following prompt for you:

If I were five, ten, twenty, or fifty years older I would…

You can write, draw, paint, act out, or even just talk to share your vision of the future. We want to hear, see, or read your stories! Send them to buildstronghome@frostvalley.org


Jessie Emmons

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