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Session 2

Good Evening from East Valley Ranch! Things have kicked off in a great way for the start of session 2. Our WIT (Wrangler-in-Training) campers and 4-week campers are still here and were more than welcoming to our newest 2-week campers. Sunday evening after the rain finally called it quits, we had our opening campfire featuring camper talents, yurt-made skits, and campfire classics like Rattlin’ Bog and Wishy Washy Washer Woman.

Monday, a day forecasted for all day showers/storms, did not rain at all besides a light sprinkle at the tail end of evening program. In the morning all 2-week campers had their evaluation ride where they adjusted and relearned the Frost Valley style of riding. They also learned how to lead, tie, tack, and groom their horses. After all camp rest hour, campers enjoyed activities like making decoupage tiles, water games, icebreakers/teambuilding, and the 4-week campers took a trip to the farm where they picked several baskets full of raspberries and currants (after eating their fair share of course, haha). Their berries made an appearance at dinner last night as a dessert topping and in the salad made with all vegetables grown at our farm. Campers played a game of paper bag skits for evening program where they exercised both their creativity and their acting skills while making rapid fire skits using a bag of oblong items.

This morning campers were silent as mice as they were assigned their horses for the session. Once they got their assignments, campers were eager to get to the barn. Aside from first ride with their horses today, campers participated in outdoor living skills, ground lessons, and water games. Tonight for evening program we played an intense game of the fan favorite Wells Fargo. By the end a persistent mist throughout the game had ensured there was a lot of slipping, sliding, and a lot of mud. After some cool down stretches, the campers hit the showers. Tomorrow is another horse filled day, check back soon to keep up with our adventures here in the valley


Be well and Build Strong.


Catherine Hathaway

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