Session 2 at EVR!!

Howdy, Y’all!

Let session 2 commence! The girls had their first ride today so that our barn manager could match them all with their perfect horse, who they will be assigned to tomorrow! The girls get their own horse for the full two weeks of being here and will groom and tack, leading and tie, and progress in their lessons with them.

While not in the barn, the girls have been learning each other’s names by playing name games, and also took a hayride down to the farm to go in the waterfront as it is super hot up here!


To the friends and family of the four-week program- I thought I should update you all on how the girls are getting on since they are halfway through their session! For those of you who do not know, the four-week program is when girls over the age of 13 can come to camp for a longer session in order to advance more into their lessons and also do a performance on horseback at the end of their session, which is planned throughout their 4 weeks. Some previous examples have been a drill team, which a synchronized riding routine, or a rodeo. This year the girls have chosen to do a rodeo, where they will do pole bending and barrel racing in front of the whole of EVR, and the invitation will be spread out throughout the whole of Frost Valley for those who would like to come and watch.

Tonight the 4-week girls are going on an hour and a half trail ride to our hay fields on their horses and will sleep under the stars they’re with their horses in the pasture next to them, and then will ride back down in the morning. This is definitely one of the coolest things the girls get to do and the view is great!!


Laura Stirling

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