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Session 2 is underway!

We have officially welcomed our campers to Session 2 of Farm Camp 2013!  We could not be more excited to get started with gardening and livestock work with this energetic group of campers.  We started the session with a wonderful opening camp fire, full of skits, songs, and some magic as well.  One of the hits of the night was counselor Pablo’s singing, and a rap written by Zack, Andrew, Nate, and Nate.

Here are the lyrics to the rap!  It was awesome to see so much Farm Pride on day one!  Can’t wait to start our farm programming tomorrow!


“Livin’ on  a Farm”

By Zack, Andrew, Nate, and Nate


I got Johnny on the left, I got Gor on the right

Chewy from behind and I’m feeling fine

Ready to muck some poo in the barn

All day and all night I’m living on a farm


When I’m in the garden I’m pulling all the weeds

Liberating raspberries with resiliant ease

When I strike my hoe, the plants I charm

That’s right all, I live on a farm


Chillin’ in the art barn keeping it cool

Arts and crafts they always rule

Cardin all that wool spinnin’ it into yarn

that’s right fools I live on a farm!


Marissa Shadburn

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