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Session 4 at EVR!

Hello Family and Friends of our EVR campers.

Last night, we had our last EVR Opening Campfire of summer 2018! The girls performed skits in their yurts, and campfire songs. Then we had our campfire talent show where the girls perform their talents. We had gymnastics, weird body movements, singers, snd much more. At the end, they roasted marshmallows over the fire, and had yummy s’mores.

At the end of every night, before the girls go to bed, they do something called Devotion in their yurt. This is when they all sit on the floor in a circle, and discuss a topic. For example, last night they did expectations of how they should act at camp. The girls talked about how they should respect each other, that they should clean up after themselves, that they should have fun, and so on. Other devotions that may come up through the week are; how to make the world a better place, what it really means to be a girl, friendship bracelet making, compliments.

Today was Evaluation Day. This is when the girls get on a horse and our barn manager assigns them to one of the many amazing horses in the barn that will suit each camper best. They will find out their horse tomorrow morning at breakfast!

Pictures are being uploaded to SmugMug so keep a look out!

(Photo: Buddy the Clydesdale)


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