Session 4 Farm Beginnings!

The last session of the summer is off to a great start. As we sat by the lake last night for our opening campfire, we watched as a heron flew above us and landed on a tree nearby. It was the perfect start to our last opening campfire of the season. At the campfire, each yurt prepared a skit or song to perform in front of the whole camp. There were also many additional acts by groups or individual campers including a guitar story, an awesome rendition of “Good Riddance” by Green Day on the guitar, and a pink unicorn doing a dance!

Today, we start planning the schedule for the week. Each camper will get to choose 2 specialty activities. A specialty is an activity that the campers will go to once a day for the whole week. They will choose a specialty to go to in the mornings and one in the afternoon. Here is what is on offer this week.

Specialty 1: Beginning Garden (RASPBERRIES), Advanced Barn, Embroidery Hoops, Arts and Crafts, and Wacky Water Week!

Specialty 2: Advanced Garden, Basic Barn, Music, Being Hungarian, and Farmers Writing Society.
Stay tuned this week to find out what each group is doing throughout the week!


Nicki Macy

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