Session 4 Mini-Trips are Under Way!

The mini trips are off and everyone is so excited to start their new adventures! We have two trips Backpacking and Canoeing in the Adirondacks, we have a backpacking trip here in the Catskills, a rock climbing trip in the world famous Shawangunks, and a backpacking trip to Frost Valley’s beautiful Merrell Pavilion. Trips return on Tuesday and Wednesday so there wont be any update until then, we can’t wait to hear the incredible stories everyone will come back with! Here are the pre-trip pictures of each group:


Adirondack Backpacking
Adirondack Canoeing
Rock Climbing
Merrell Pavilion Hike
Catskill Backpacking


Russell Frisch

Russell started his time at Frost Valley as a camper in Forest Village in 2005 and has been here ever since. He was a camper in Adventure Village, Farm Camp, and on Teen Adventure Trips before becoming an AiT and eventually a staff member in Adventure Village. He worked as the Village Coordinator for Adventure Village before working as the Assistant Adventure Director for two summers. He is very excited to be working as Adventure Director for the first time this year.

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