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Shania Twain?

I will get to the title in a bit, but first an update on what the Habitat Adirondacks crew has been up to. Wednesday brought a break from work as they went out for the 4th. Despite the rainy weather, everyone had a blast as they checked out Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. Quizno’s seemed happy to host a few of them for a while after lunch as they played cards and kept the atmosphere upbeat. Other folks checked out the many shops along Main Street including a great book store and an interesting hat shop. Later on, they met up with the Ramblers who had brought a tarp to sit on during the fireworks. A few of them decided to do a little slip and slide as well before heading back to the campsite to clean up and get some sleep before their next work day.

Back at the house on Ampersand Avenue in Saranac Lake, someone found a very appropriate street sign that sums up what this group is helping to accomplish with Habitat for Humanity.

Ampersand and Hope

Work on Thursday included filling some low spots in the yard and continuing drainage work around the foundation. The Habitat folks said that this is the best crew we have had in a few years as they continue to work hard and accomplish much in their time on the site.

fill group


I will have a group picture up tomorrow morning as soon as I can download and sort the hundreds of photos from Juliana. I am especially interested to see the photos from today when I check in with the group this evening at Rollins Pond. It seems that Shania Twain had built a large studio not far from Saranac Lake. After some construction and permit issues, she sold the studio/house and it is currently being remodeled. The remodeling includes gutting the 9-month old building and all of the almost-new counters, cabinets, and other fixtures are being donated to Adirondack Habitat for Humanity. The crew will be helping to load all of this and bring it to Saranac Lake for storage until it can be used in the houses.

A note from your kids: keep the care packages coming. Since they are so kind as to share with me, I would have to agree. Thank you for sending everything out to these hard-working young adults who are making you proud each and every day. Their energy and enthusiasm has been endless and the cookies have definitely helped.


Zach eigenbrodt

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Zach couldn't keep himself out of the woods when growing up. He started working at a Northern Wisconsin YMCA Camp as a wilderness trip leader while in college and fell in love with getting kids into nature. The smiles on kids faces after returning from a once in a life time wilderness experience is why he is here today. Zach brought his talents to Frost Valley YMCA, in 2014, when he started as the Trips Coordinator and soon was promoted to Adventure Director. Zach loves all forms of Wilderness exploration, though some would say his heart lies most with canoeing.

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