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Sleepover at the barn!

So Thursday was a great day. Perfect weather to ride have hang out and even play kick ball! A few campers even got to run the activity. This is a great way for us to allow the campers to have the freedom to have fun but also learn how to run activities and keep everyone entertained. It’s awesome seeing their leadership skills come out! Thursday night is our overnight! Every session, every village leaves their cabins and heads off into the woods to camp out. But here at the horse barn we do things a little differently. We always have an overnight but we like to do them in our very own barn. Upstairs in our hayloft we carve out a big area for all the girls to lay their sleeping bag. With hay all around them, there is no chance of getting cold! We like to involve our horse in our programing as much as possible so why not sleep in the barn! What Mustang also love about waking up in the barn is they get to look over the edge of our hay loft into the 32 stall barn that we have when the horses get bought in for their breakfast. This is the only time the campers get to see this happening as they are normally still sleeping. Lucky! They watch as the barn manager lets horses in through the main gate and each horse turns into a stall to have their sweet feed. They then watch the counselors go into the stalls to put a halter on and tie them up. This then makes it safe for the campers to be around the barn. After a quiet morning of resting and tidying the cabins the girls went to candle making! This is a great activity for them to be creative and make a piece of string into a beautiful candle. It can be as big or a small as they like and hopefully they will bring it home to show you all! Today has also been a great day because now we have had a few lessons on our horses, we have used our skills to go on our first trail ride of the session. Our Neversink trail runs down the back of the barn, following the Neversink river. All the way into one of our pastures. This is where the campers practice on keeping great spacing and not allowing their greedy ponies to eat! Then we turn around and head back to the barn. Mustang also learnt about tack today. So what is what on a saddle and why we use different bridals and bits on different horses. During our hoopla at dinner Mustang and Durango sang at the top of their voices to our HorseBarn Chant! Maybe they can show you all when theyre home! Due to the late night at the barn, tonights evening program is something really relaxing and something new that our Villiage Chief Michaela has come up with! We are making Warm Fuzzie Jars. Warm fuzzies are normally small notes of nice things that we give to people. MIcheala has come up with the jar idea. Each camper is to fill their own small jars with glitter paint and water. Then the lid will be glued on. Every night they will then think of a nice thing they enjoyed that day or something they are looking forward to the next day. They will then shake their jars for the magic to happen. Once the glitter has settled, the warm fuzzie will be ready! Very cute!

Did someone say Saturday, bareback day?!


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