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So many activities!

This week has been so action packed and it’s only Wednesday! Tuesday was a great day for Mustang as they find out the horse that they will be riding for the whole two week session! Having their own horse really helps build a bond and it lets them understand what a sense of ownership is really like! Everyone was very happy to start their lessons!

Our activities this week have been very different and exciting. Yesterday the village was split in half to do activities which they will flip flop on Thursday so everyone gets to do the same thing. Yesterday after water front, half of the girls made friendship bracelets for their horses that they were able to attach to the saddles! The girls got very creative and loved tying them on. The other half of the girls got to hang out with a Special Guest! Kacey is an Alumni partner that used to work at Frost Valley and likes to spend a lot of time here. She currently illustrates for The Simpsons! So Kacey has kindly taken some time out to come to camp and do workshops with the campers. The girls learnt how to draw horses! This was very enjoyable and the rest of the girls can’t wait to do it on Thursday! The even program on Tuesday was a new thing that Michaela the Village Chief has come up with for the program and it’s the sweetest thing! Michaela created Warm Fuzzie Keepers. These are little jars that the girls get to fill with glitter and every night they can say something nice, a prayer, a wish, even a dream into the jar and then they shake it! Once the glitter settles the magic has begun! A very cute thing to see the girls do!
Wednesday, Chant Day! Today Mustang had cheer training! Three wonderful activity staff members took time out to hang out with mustang and teach them some chants that they could perform in the lunch time Hoopla! Hoopla is where all the villages scream and shout chants in the dining hall and it can get very, very loud! Mustang were each given a little note book to keep to write down their own little chants and poems and we will hopefully get to perform them! Mustang did so well with their newest chant! Maybe they can show you when they come home!

Tonight’s evening program is Ultimate Sicko Ball! USB is a game played on big tree field, with all of Wawayanda! That is a lot of children. They are broken up into four color teams so it’s great for the mustang girls to get involved with everyone at camp! USB is a team work kind of game. They must go into the other color boundaries and steel their balls from their bases. If they get caught by that team they must stay in their “jail” until someone helps free them! Big tree field is very colorful this evening! I’m pretty sure all the screaming, shouting and running will have the girls into bed very soon! Let’s hope tomorrow is just as exciting!


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