Staff Stewards: Core Values in Action

Happy Core Values in Action Wednesday!


To explore Stewardship, we have a story to share from one of our Summer Staff members, Elodie, who works in Susky village! She has put Stewardship into action in a big way! Here is the email she sent me:


“The amount of free time read for young children and teens has gone down the recent years. Reading has become a chore instead of an awesome hobby to learn about new things. As a young adult, I find it part of my responsibility to past the torch to the younger generation. I want to help be a part of the solution that encourages free reading. Learning doesn’t just stop in school. I’ve learned many things during my summer at Frost Valley. Last summer I had a few campers who really loved to read in their spare time. I had one camper who really loved rocks but I couldn’t find a book about rocks in the Catskills mountains. As a result, over the last month I have been collecting books from friends and family members to add to the book collection at Frost Valley. In this collection I have an arrangement of books for both the introverted and extroverted campers. I also managed to find a good book on rocks! And the collection is still growing! My goal is to have 100 books by the end May. Who knows maybe we can have an Frost Valley book club! Best Wishes,¬†Elodie”

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Here is how you can help! We have designed Frost Valley Little Libraries for different spots around camp for campers to “take a book, and leave a book”. To put Stewardship into Action, bring one of your favorite books to camp to give back to the libraries. You will also be able to find books that you can take with you! There will be stickers for all book donors to write who the book is from. Frost Valley inspired books could even be all over the world!
Thanks to awesome people like you and Elodie, stewardship is being put into action here at camp!
If you have any stories about putting the core values into action, please email me at and I will send you an awesome core values tshirt!
Peace, Love, Bibbley,


Nick Lomauro

Nick Lomauro is a lifetime lover of camp (overnight and day), outdoor recreation, and value-based programs. Nick grew up in the YMCA and discovered his passion for working in youth development as a summer camp counselor. Full of curiosity, Nick graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in General Humanities. Immediately following graduation Nick set off to Spain to hike the 500 mile ancient pilgrimage trail, El Camino de Santiago. Nick then returned to his childhood YMCA in NJ, of over 20 thousand members, as the Director of Youth Development. In this role he designed, developed, and implemented day camp and teen programs. In 2015, Nick returned to Frost Valley and he is now the Director of Camp Wawayanda. This is Nick's 16th summer at Frost Valley.

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