Storms don’t stop Mustango!!

Howdy Everyone!

Hope you’re all having a great day! We have had a busy few days here at Frost Valley. The weather has been stormy and wet but that has not stopped any of our fun.

Yesterday morning after waterfront, the campers played a game of Geronimo/Boppers/SWAT which is a camp game created by one of our trustees who has been at Frost Valley forever (Al Filreis). It is a great way to learn each others names and laugh a lot whilst doing so!

the campers found out who their horse for the session will be and they were all very excited! They get to help the staff take care of them and ride them every day for the 2 weeks, so they create a real bond and friendship with their buddy! They all did great in their riding lessons and even played some games to practice their newly learned skills. My favorite was ‘musical stops’ where they have to keep their horses walking whilst the music is playing, then get their horses to stop first when the music stops, if they were the last to stop, they had to tell their instructor something nice about their horse or something that they learned in the lesson.

They also participated in a ‘ground lesson’ yesterday where they were taught about different breeds and colors by using the horses we have in the barn. One of the most interesting facts that we learned was Kane, our beautiful black Percheron was once on the cover of Vogue magazine!

Last night Mustango was supposed to do a night swim but due to the storms this has been rescheduled for next week when the weather should be much better! Instead we had a lip sync battle and an epic game of hide and seek which was so fun the kids didn’t want to finish to go to bed!

Today they have enjoyed waterfront and are currently at the barn, some of them are riding and some are learning about vet care! Maybe your child will come home wanting to go to vet school!

Tonight they have the WAWA dance which is with all the other kids on camp within their age bracket! They always have the best time and I am sure there will be lots of pictures of them dancing together.

I hope you are all checking smug mug, I am uploading photos daily of their activities!

Joke of the day:

Q. What’s the difference between a horse and a duck?
A. One goes quick and the other goes quack.

Have a lovely afternoon!



Kayleigh Gorman

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