Susky Forest Specialty Go Ninja!

Specialities are always a fun time at Frost Valley and they are a great way for campers to make new friends in sibling villages. Today I had the privilege of hanging out with the Ninja Specialty, where we practised stealth, camouflage, speediness, berry picking (for ninja juice), meditation and everything else ninja like that we could come up with.

Wawayanda campers choose one specialty in week one of the session and this Friday they get to choose another. Most specialties are a progression for example the theatre specialty might  result in a performance or the garden specialty, after learning about growing vegetables from seed to table, will cook their food on an open fire. The Ninja squad today completed a scavenger hunt where we visited other specialties and found clues as to our next location. Once the Frost Valley Ninja’s had found all the clues they finished in the orchard where they were presented with the ever sought after “black bandana”.

Along the way we met Benjamin who was observing a “stick worm” from the  environmental education specialty and we met another Benjamin, who had mastered the art of bagel archery!


Ashley Close

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