Susky generations (alumni children all over)

It happens that Susky this session includes a number of children of former Frost Valley summer staff—counselors, VCs, CIT directors, etc. Here’s the great KC Johnson telling part of the story:

So here’s the lowdown on Susky Cabin 48.  Katy McNeill-Harmon and I were Windsong counselors in summer 1992.  Kate Landis Loewengart was one of our campers!  I think Katy had her as a camper in Sacky too! So in cabin 48 you have Lauren (Katy’s daughter), Julia (Kate’s daughter), and Cole (my daughter)!  So fun!  Who’d a thunk it? Dari Litchman’s daughter Zoe is at camp this session too.  Then you have the direct line:  Zoe (Dari, my counselor, twice! Sacky & Sequoia) —> Cole (me) –> Julia (Kate was my camper!).
Okay, now here’s Kate Landis Loewengart telling her version of this intergenerational convergence:
My daughter Julia is in 48 with Cole (KC) & Lauren (Katy McNeil)  — who were both my counselors in Windsong in 92! Add in Dari & Rachel Matthew’s daughters in the Village…where it appears that all the girls have found each other and are making the connections… Then, to take us to a 3rd generation, MY camper Mary Chopard daughter Morgan (and Dad Noah O’Connor) are next door… THREE generations of Alumni kids in one village ❤️ Knew you would appreciate.
Yes, we do appreciate! Amazing. It goes on. Continuity is such a rare thing in our world, don’t you agree. But clearly Frost Valley makes a magic that young adults remember and, later, when they are parents and pondering the futures of their own children, remember with a great passion. Another 1990s guy, who later went into Y work and came back as a camp director, and then worked as Director of Camping Services—Jeff Daly—is also a first-time camper parent: his and Kelly Zingone Daly’s daughter Mary is a camper at Farm Camp. And the daughter of Mike McNamee (counselor, VC, etc.—1980s), Fionn McNamee, is a counselor and thus a colleague of David Mager’s (1980s) son Gus. And it goes on.


Al Filreis

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