3 canoes on lake cole

Tacoma’s new country !

This morning, I met the eight members of Day 2 in Arts and Crafts to discuss a very serious matter…the development of a new country. After about 2o minutes of sharing stories from their adventure sleeping under the stars during last night’s overnight, I challenged Lena, Megan, Tyler, Grace, Claire, Molly, Caroline, and Lily to design their perfect nation. For the next hour, the group discussed what they believed to be the core principles of equality for their new land, designed a flag, and wrote a constitution for the nation of Floralia. The currency of Floralia? Flowers. The main attraction? The notorious beaches with pink sand and dolphins who speak fluent english (and texting language). The cabin was proud to show their flag and constitution to the rest of the Hird during lunch!



Meredith Gray

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