The ruckus at my door yesterday afternoon was like any other; a group of campers rushing in from outside, quickly stopping in the restrooms, or for some water at the fountains that can be found in the office building we call Margett’s. It was a group of girls from Camp Wawayanda, and as so often happens, they waved and said hello’s as they passed.

Never needing too much of an excuse to leave the office chair, I wondered what activities they’d just been up to. After quickly chasing after them, I was glad I caught them in the doorway:

Two days into camp, and given the opportunity these campers took the time to thank those who often go un-thanked. More than this, they did it with proudly and with smiles on their faces.

Random Act of Kindness

Whatever you have lined up in your busy schedule today, try to recognise those around you who make your every day possible. Then drop from the ceiling like a R.A.K Ninja, and pay forward a Random Act of Kindness.

Like me, I hope you are inspired.