The campers here at Frost Valley are already fully immersed in this summers specialties! Along with tie dye and candles, our arts and crafts counselors are offering an amazing new experience for our campers in our Screen Printing studio



Sam, from England, is getting an education in the camp classic Gaga.


Campers who signed up to learn skills in our Wood Shop are getting a great experience making wooden ornaments using a coping saw.


Today we had some beautiful sunshine out so I decided to spend some of it walking around camp, I was able to see some of the amazing activities happening in program village and at the waterfront, and also check in with some of our specialties. Arts and crafts was buzzing with creativity, the theater was alive with talent and music and across the rest of camp was loads of other great activities and fun lessons going on.




I also got to stop by Lakota playing Geronimo and join in with them for a bit.


After a long and very snowy winter, we are finally seeing some grass and the weather is warming up just a little bit each day!  We are excited about the change of seasons, and really look forward to pulling out all of the spring activities that have been gone for the winter months.  Outdoor Archery, boating, hay-rides and many other activities will all start to re-appear as we continue to approach the warmer months!  Check back soon for pictures, schedules and updates!