Session 2 is getting rolling and we are thrilled to have campers settling in at Adventure Village. Everyone is making plenty of new friends and connections, building bridges if you will.  While we are having a wet start to the session, Adventure Village has been running some great creative programs. We are also taking full advantage of the breaks in the rain to get outside and do activities like crossing the cable bridge and building fairy houses. Check back soon for more photos and updates.

Happy Trails,


What could be better for an overcast, cool, day-before-campers-arrive morning? Hiking the legendary Sequoia Loop. I did it today, and it’s glorious: not often used, well marked (red blazes), close enough at times to Pigeon Brook to hear it splashing and rumbling it way down steeply from Doubletop Mountain (especially after a big rainstorm last night), a moderate hike (not easy, not hard)—a couple of miles in all. Why “legendary”? Even before Sequoia was created in 1972 (as an adventure village), that trail was seemingly always there—perhaps even during Forstmann’s time. Just cross Pigeon on the Sequoia Bridge, see the tents and yurts of Adventure Village in front of you, then turn left and follow the trail up the hill. When you get to the top of the loop, you’ll have the option of turning back downhill to your left—that’s the Pigeon Brook Trail. Or stay right and go back down the east side of the loop, back to Sequoia. The “Sequoia Loop” sign has been there for 45 years now. Looks as stately as ever. And inviting.

Pigeon Brook seen from the Sequoia Bridge.

A glimpse of Wildcat across the valley seen from 500 feet or so above Sequoia—coming back down the west side of the Sequoia Loop.

In the middle, one of the original Sequoia platform tents. On either side, the “staff yurt” (a kind of staff lounge for Advill) and one of the newer yurts.

The classic view: at the top of the Sequoia Loop, a sign (dating back to the 1970s) and two red blazes (Sequoia Loop is a red trail).

A section of the Frost Valley trail map.

Rising before the sun, Adventure village began their Mini Trips bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Today all five Mini Trips left for their four day and three night adventure into the mountains. These are their photos before boarding the buses.


Adirondack Backpacking Trip.


Adirondack Canoeing Trip.


Shawangunks (Gunks) Climbing Trip.


 Catskills Backpacking Trip.


Merrel Pavilion Trip.

Reminder there will be NO photos or blog posts until the Mini Trips have returned on Wednesday.


Happy Trails.


Assistant Adventure Director

Today was a busy day for Adventure Village as they get ready to depart on their 4 day 3 night Mini-Trips.  It starts off in the morning with an activity called the duffle shuffle. This is when we have each camper set out all clothing and items that they want to take on the trip. Then as a group check that each person hasn’t forgotten anything important, but also that they haven’t over packed. This is extremely important as it means our campers don’t carry unnecessarily heavy backpacks. The village then breaks into their individual trips and do a rotation of four different trip prep stages.

The first is food pack out, this is where each trip works from their menus to weigh, sort and pack out each ingredient that they will need over the coming days. The second is gear pack out, again this is where each trip collect, sort and test all gear and equipment that they will be using on their Mini-Trip. If there is something broken or missing they can make sure the problem is fixed before they leave camp. This saves a significant amount of time and makes life much easier when on the trip; it also gives the campers a chance to become familiar with the equipment before using it on trail.

Our canoe trip then goes to Lake Cole with the Trips Coordinator to freshen up their paddling strokes, their portage skills and to enjoy the water. In the mean time the rest of the trips go to team building. This is where trips leaders set up a series of games, tasks and challenges that the group must work together to solve. This, while bringing the group closer together, shows in a very understanding way the importance of communication, collaboration and trust in a team environment. The final activity that they will attend is goal setting and trip expectations. This is where the goals and expectations are set for each individual and the group for the adventure ahead.

The groups will embark on their great adventure bright and early tomorrow morning.



Happy Trials

James Fox

Assistant Adventure Director
Frost Valley YMCA
2000 Frost Valley Rd.
Claryville, NY12725

The sun was shining and the mountains were brilliant and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky for check in. After settling in with some icebreaker games the campers rolled right into some delicious Frost Valley pizza (an all time favorite!). After dinner, Adventure Village hiked out to their sacred campsite for the opening campfire, where they screamed songs and ate raccoon poop (chocolate).  Adventure Trips participants also hiked out to their new sacred campsite where they told stories and bonded over the beginning of their journey.

All the trips headed out this morning bright and early. The sun rise made the whole sky peach-orange and the dew coated the whole valley. Stay tuned for more details!

Today was a bit humid but mostly beautiful with a slight breeze and a ton of camp magic!

Please note – Smugmug pictures are on the way. If you have an emergency or need to check-up on your camper, please leave a message at 845-985-2291 x265.  We’ll be checking messages frequently.