What a beautiful night for the first campfire of session 1! All of our campers were introduced to all of the staff, we sang some silly songs, and  watched the sunset by the lake!

Pokey Totem even showed us their running man challenge and danced for everyone! Here’s the video!

http://Pokey Totem Running Man!

More photos and blogs to come! We are SO excited that everyone was here!

Peace, Love, Bibbley,

The Wawayanda Directors

Lindsay, Phoebe, Sian, and Sevani


The three directors of Camp Wawayanda visited our youngest village Pokey-Totem at their overnight. The campfire roaring and all of the campers were excited to make s’mores. They had already eaten their pita pizzas for dinner, cooked over the campfire of course! Tonight the village will get to experience sleeping out underneath the stars, which will be the first time for many campers. The photo captures the enthusiasm of so many campers for the overnight!

Greetings from Wawayanda Session 2 2015!


We have been having an ABSOLUTE blast here already during Session 2 and wanted to let you all know how happy everyone has been! We have already had some epic dance offs, played Ultimate Sicko Ball, hung out with Al, celebrated a few birthdays, and took our swim tests! There is nothing better than sunshine and laughter, and other than a few short rain showers, we have had nothing but that!


On Sunday night, we all gathered at our favorite spot on camp, CiT Point, to celebrate the beginning of the session with our Opening Campfire. We had skits, songs, silly counselors, and even a surprise visit from a beaver who was gathering some sticks in the lake for his home! We had such a blast, bibly!


Monday began our first full day, complete with new specialties, new friends, and lots of new activities! We learned cheers of our Villages, which we will sing at Hoopla during lunch. Also, we all had our waterfront orientation and took the swim test! Everyone is safely in the water level of their comfortably, and swimming lessons will begin tomorrow to all campers who want to improve! Lakota Village won Gold at the Lakolympix Swim Test Event! We built shelters in the woods, did team building and trust walks, and played Geronimo with Al!


Today, we were in full swing, and there was so much creative programming happening! Gladiator was played in the dining hall with Outpost and the CiTs, Pokey Totem climbed the Y Tower and made candles, Susky and Forest did some aerobic workouts, and Lakota played Geronimo. We all ended the day with a camp-wide game of Ultimate Sicko Ball, one of our favorite camp games.


We are looking forward to the week ahead, and cannot wait to share more stories with you!


Peace, Love, & Wawayanda,



*Photo From Opening Campfire*


Today we welcomed both new and returning campers to Adventure Village and as always we like to begin the session with opening campfire. This first campfire is a special one in Adventure Village as it is here that they get their first taste of what its means to be in Adventure.

As this can be a some what  of a nervous experience for new campers we figure the best way to introduce them to the village is to have returning campers share their stories and tell them ‘what adventure means to them’, this always leads to new campers standing tall and sharing with us ‘what adventure means to them’.

From blindfolded trust walks to a hidden campfire by the stream and the teaching of songs and cheers, to the Raccoon poop (brownie mix and chocolate chips) initiation, and the drinking of the Hemlock tea, to the stories/testimonies of campers and the sounds of the great outdoors.

This was Adventure’s Opening Campfire.


Happy Trials

James Fox

Assistant Adventure Director
Frost Valley YMCA
2000 Frost Valley Rd.
Claryville, NY12725


Dear Session One Campers of 2015,


From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for the best start of summer 2015 that we could have ever imagined. Not only were we the BIGGEST session one that Wawayanda has ever had, but we were definitely the funniest, most creative, and the best looking bunch there ever was.  We could always count on you, for making us laugh, for teaching us how to dance-off, or for singing TSwift with us.

We will never forget the mud fight on the slip and slide hill, the overnights in rain locations, our 1-week camper friends, Larping Day, the time we all got tattoos, the fireworks, and especially the meatballs on spaghetti night. We will keep these memories with us all summer long, and we thank you for giving us such an exciting two weeks to start off the summer.

We are SO proud of you. Each and every one of you! You have become better versions of yourselves, tried new and adventurous things, stepped out of your comfort zones, and made new friends. You have shown your counselors love, created magical moments with each other, and brought the Wawayanda spirit to life.

As you lay down tonight, and have your last sleep in the smelly cabins in Pokey Totem, or in the rustic cabins on the hill, we hope that you dream of summers to come. We will miss you when you leave tomorrow, and we wish you the best of luck in the school year.


With all of our love,

Lindsay, Nick, and Dom


closing session 1











Photo of the Day; All of Adventure Village are  here and having fun.


This photo was taken after lunch yesterday 06/29/15.  Yesterday was a day of swim tests, specialties break outs, trip sign ups, campfires and a variety summer camp activities.

Due to technical issues we were unable to blog yesterday and from our own account. This issue will be fixed shortly.

Happy Trails.

Zach Eigenbrodt.

Adventure Director
Frost Valley YMCA
2000 Frost Valley Rd.
Claryville, NY 12725
845-985-2291 ext. 265

Hello There!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are all having a great time!  The kids helped make the overnight a spectacular success!  We had wonderful weather, it rained just a tad before we headed out and the wee ones got rides up to Pete’s Pavilion.  We hung out, played GIRANIMO, cooked hot-dogs over the fire with one of our chef’s – Anti – and made the traditional S’mores that we all loved!  We all ended up rolling our sleeping bags out on the ground and slept under the stars and it was so beautiful!


When we got up in the morning we had a simple breakfast and were treated to a fantastic performance by our theatre class who preformed a skit about what it’s like to come to Farm Camp.  We then headed back down the mountain with our Gorp and found some fun ferns, mushrooms and got to eat some fun edible plants like hemlock needles (no, they are not the poisonous water hemlock) and some Yellow Wood Sorrel, commonly called by the campers as Lemon Hearts because of their bitter taste.

Once we got back to Farm Camp (YEAH!) everyone sat down for a big brunch and off to Colonial Day we went!  There were mule rides, a blacksmith demonstration, a rousing game of town ball and we even had a treasure hunt all before our BBQ dinner!  Our evening program was a crazy game of Capture-the-Flag – and we all (as counselors) picked up some fun tricks to running that even better the next time 😛

Today is our chill day – good to recover from the chaos and high energy of last week.  We all slept in, had a lazy brunch, had some team building time and we’re about to head over to the Straus Center to do some more Project Adventure Games, Outdoor Living Skills, Low Ropes and Trust Games.  We’ll pick back up on the regular schedule tonight with Dinner, Chores & our evening program – MOVIE NIGHT up in the Hayloft!

All in all – we are having an amazing time and are getting to learn not only a lot during our different classes but also are being reminded everyday of working on some core values of friendship, trust, forgiveness, responsibility, accountability, teamwork and many more.  The campers are doing a great job helping to learn from each other and challenge each other to work on all of those skills.

Have a fantastic rest of your weekend & I’ll check back in soon!



We are so happy to finally have the campers here with us for the start of our first session!  Training went amazingly well and we, as counselors, have all made some great memories getting ready to share our experiences with the campers!

As a side note – many of you are emailing John and Dan Weir about accessing the photos at SmugMug.  We will be emailing you all the password to view the albums for all of this season’s sessions.  We have limited internet at the farm so what I will be doing is every couple days get a DVD of photos to the main camp blogger group to upload to the albums online.  Please do not worry if there have not been equally spaced updates on the photo front – it will take some transitioning to deal with the masses of photos that I am starting to collect of all of the campers!  So hang tight with me while we get this new album up and running.

That being said, I am just about to start uploading photos to SmugMug.  Please be patient with waiting to get the email from John or myself with the password.  For your child/children’s privacy we want to make sure the email list is accurate before we send the password out.  This will be happening in the next day or so.

Speaking on behalf of the counselors…  WE ARE SO EXCITED TO FINALLY START THE SUMMER!  We’ve had a blast at training and are already having a great time getting to know our respective yurts.  We have all themed the yurts so when everyone come’s home saying,  “the Castle boys did this” or “the Pirates pranked our yurt” … all of these things are okay 🙂  The kids are really having a great time, we had an awesome campfire last night.  I’m going to see if I can get a short video uploaded to share with everyone so you can see how much fun we all had!

Campfire songs on opening night!

Campfire songs on opening night!

Today was the first official day of the scheduled week, and everyone seems to be settling in just fine!  We picked classes this morning, we have 3 morning periods that we offer classes such as: Animal Care, Gardening, Wool, Dance, Theatre,  Hiking, Chinese (offered by one of our chinese counselors) and Arts & Crafts!  We’ll have Colonial Day on Saturday, a sleep-in day and brunch, chill day Sunday and pick a second set of classes for the second week.

During rest time we’ve been sending out a ton of letters and postcards from your campers – so expect some happy mail soon!  Don’t fret too much if you get the “I’m not so sure about this whole farm camp thing…” By the time you get the letter, they’re probably already so into having fun with all the other campers that they’ll forget to write home about all the good stuff!  Be prepared for a non-stop talking fest about all their wonderful adventures on the rides home! 🙂

Hope you all have a great week, I’ll try to keep up on the posts over the next couple days, but just wanted to give you an overview.  Again, I’ll only post a couple photos here on the blog, the rest will be updated on the SmugMug Album ASAP!