Last night at the Pac/Windsong Challenge Night groups of campers and staff did improv skits based on four of our previous summertime two-word themes. Each actor picked a t-shirt bearing an annual theme and then had to embody a character that befit that theme! The results were hilarious. Here is a photo of one such group just before their performance. The themes were “Stand Up,” “Be Present,” “Make Ripples,” and “Shine On.” And I suppose you could call these items “vintage” t-shirts. It’s nice to see them all together. And of course there are more. This summer’s theme is “Make Time.”

Those of us who witness multiple Challenge Nights throughout a summer are left with a distinct sense that young people today have tremendous skills as makers of weird noises. That is typically the first challenge of the evening each time. Here are two participants in the recent (Friday night) Outpost/Lakota C.N. offering their weird noises. Brace yourself as you click on the videos. Here is your LINK to the first video. And here is your LINK to the second.


Sacky/Hemlock/MAC Challenge Night last night. A roaring, spirited success. Why? Well because of some superb judges, including (at far right in the pic below) Cody Spears who after many years here served as CN judge for the very first time. Also, at far left, Sandy Shapiro Bohn, who is here this summer after first coming as a Pokey camper in 1969—that’s 50 years, if you’re counting. Anya, just below, is the daughter of a Pokey counselor from the 1990s. You also see, in the third pic down, the winning triplet in the “Look Most Alike” contest. Note the colorful FV footwear. Fourth shot down: Skylar, here two sessions, is the winner of the hula hoop challenge for the second time this summer.

It’s become a tradition. Once each session we arrange for the East Valley Ranch people to ride on wagons and in vans over to the Farm, just a mile or so west along the road along the East Branch of the Neversink River. And there, in the Farm dining hall, they meet up with all the Farm people—and I host what is always a loud, rousing, spirited, fun all-East Valley Challenge Night. Here are a few photo from this week’s event.

Yes, at last night’s “Challenge Night” for Lakota, Outpost and Moonshadow, one of the challenges was this: make a facial expression that induces the judges to laugh. Not an easy task but the campers managed it. Here are a few samples.

Day 3 of summer staff training for our 2017 crew. What talents! These were emphatically on display at Challenge Night. Below—among other day 3 photos—you see a group of Tacoma/Lenape staff and another group representing Pac/Windsong doing their improv interpretive dance. This blogger is unsure who “won,” as if winning in this context means anything! But it’s obvious that they had free-form, free-wheeling fun. The week of training can be quite serious, thoughtful, sincere and even visionary, but it’s also exactly that—fun—as friends easily re-constitute the Frost Valley camp family once again.

Tonight Pokey-Totem and Pac Village, our oldest and youngest campers, participated in Frost Valley’s traditional Challenge Night. This picture was taken during a non-related look-a-like challenge. It was great seeing the older boys role model and encourage the younger campers to participate!

Al’s Challenge Night is back at Frost Valley for Summer 2015!

Challenge Night is one of our favorite Frost Valley traditions, hosted by Al, a Frost Valley legend. Al is on the Board of Trustees at Frost Valley and comes up to visit us at camp every summer, hosting fun and games of all kinds, including Geronimo, Story Time, and Challenge Night. At Challenge Night, villages compete in cabin groups to complete various activities, including weirdest noise, craziest body position, most accurate celebrity impression, and best counselor dance off. One of the favorite challenges is camp look-a-likes! Here are the twins of Susky & Forest Villages.

Look Alikes 1 Look Alikes 5 Look Alikes 4 Look Alikes 3 Look Alikes 2


Thanks, Al, for another awesome Challenge Night!