Happy Core Values in Action Wednesday and Happy New Year!

This month we are celebrating Honesty, one of the most relevant core values that sometimes we forget to talk about. Honesty is an easy one: being true to yourself, and true to other people. Sometimes we can be tempted to not choose honesty, but whenever we do our friendships and sense of self seem to be better and stronger than before.

How do you show honesty every day? What are ways at home and in your community are you honest to yourself and honest with others?

My challenge to you is to think about honesty every day this month! Throughout January, I will be posting challenges, stories, and Core Values in Action moments of honesty on display!


If you have a story about putting the core values into action, email me at Lhutchinson@frostvalley.org to receive your core values in action tshirt!



Peace, Love, Bibbley!