We are so happy to finally have the campers here with us for the start of our first session!  Training went amazingly well and we, as counselors, have all made some great memories getting ready to share our experiences with the campers!

As a side note – many of you are emailing John and Dan Weir about accessing the photos at SmugMug.  We will be emailing you all the password to view the albums for all of this season’s sessions.  We have limited internet at the farm so what I will be doing is every couple days get a DVD of photos to the main camp blogger group to upload to the albums online.  Please do not worry if there have not been equally spaced updates on the photo front – it will take some transitioning to deal with the masses of photos that I am starting to collect of all of the campers!  So hang tight with me while we get this new album up and running.

That being said, I am just about to start uploading photos to SmugMug.  Please be patient with waiting to get the email from John or myself with the password.  For your child/children’s privacy we want to make sure the email list is accurate before we send the password out.  This will be happening in the next day or so.

Speaking on behalf of the counselors…  WE ARE SO EXCITED TO FINALLY START THE SUMMER!  We’ve had a blast at training and are already having a great time getting to know our respective yurts.  We have all themed the yurts so when everyone come’s home saying,  “the Castle boys did this” or “the Pirates pranked our yurt” … all of these things are okay 🙂  The kids are really having a great time, we had an awesome campfire last night.  I’m going to see if I can get a short video uploaded to share with everyone so you can see how much fun we all had!

Campfire songs on opening night!

Campfire songs on opening night!

Today was the first official day of the scheduled week, and everyone seems to be settling in just fine!  We picked classes this morning, we have 3 morning periods that we offer classes such as: Animal Care, Gardening, Wool, Dance, Theatre,  Hiking, Chinese (offered by one of our chinese counselors) and Arts & Crafts!  We’ll have Colonial Day on Saturday, a sleep-in day and brunch, chill day Sunday and pick a second set of classes for the second week.

During rest time we’ve been sending out a ton of letters and postcards from your campers – so expect some happy mail soon!  Don’t fret too much if you get the “I’m not so sure about this whole farm camp thing…” By the time you get the letter, they’re probably already so into having fun with all the other campers that they’ll forget to write home about all the good stuff!  Be prepared for a non-stop talking fest about all their wonderful adventures on the rides home! 🙂

Hope you all have a great week, I’ll try to keep up on the posts over the next couple days, but just wanted to give you an overview.  Again, I’ll only post a couple photos here on the blog, the rest will be updated on the SmugMug Album ASAP!