Stu Sherman, long-time Wawayanda guy now (and for many years) living in California, has been going through his old files and has found some great photos from his summers as a camper and counselor (mid-1960s through early 1970s). The two photos are were taken during the summer of 1966 when Stu (and I also) were campers in Forest village. The second (in color) is a cabin photo—of the residents of cabin 9. Stu is in the middle front, in white shorts. Notice the camper to our far left has a “canteen card” around his neck. We carried those cards around as a kind of ID—it was used for the buddy board at waterfront but also to enable us to spend 5 or 10 or 25 cents for an item at the “canteen,” which was housed at the north end of Hayden Lodge. The counselor’s name was Walter “Cloud” Sullivan. I only knew him as “Cloud.” He got the name because cabin 9 was his cabin for that summer and at least the next summer also: the cabin itself was sometimes called Cloud 9. I mostly remember him wearing a big slouch hat and being very soft-spoken. The first (black and white) photo was taken by one of Stu’s parents on the final day of the camp session. The boys are standing just to the northwest of Hayden Lodge. You can see behind them the field now sometimes called “the Hayden soccer field.” One of the boys proudly shows his archery certificate. Another holds up the patch he received at closing campfire the night before—for achievement in swimming. I believe he’s showing us his “Flying Fish” patch. The gradations started with Minnow and went up through Fish, Flying Fish, Shark, etc.

Even though it rained yesterday for a little bit, we still made the most of it!


Forest moved inside for our game of Geronimo!

We still made some great shots on the Hard Courts.

And we splashed in puddles!!!

Grace from Mini-Mac is showing her artwork to several Forest campers during the annual Mac Art Show. This awesome mainstreaming activity allows campers in Mac to show off their artistic side and explain their work to others. The art show was part of tonight’s evening activity, but is often the highlight of the day for many campers and counselors!



Here at Frost Valley, we all feel like part of a big family, and some of us actually are family! Here we have the Boynton family, all siblings, in Pokey Totem village, Forest Village, and Mustang Village. How many family members do you have at camp or know who went to camp?

A camper from session 1 quoted, “I came in to camp feeling like a stranger, and came out with a family.” We couldn’t say it better ourselves!

Thank you to all the families who made it possible for our campers to be at camp. We are having such an amazing time, and are feeling so lucky to have your campers here with us! What a respectful, funny, and full of energy group we have!

Al’s Challenge Night is back at Frost Valley for Summer 2015!

Challenge Night is one of our favorite Frost Valley traditions, hosted by Al, a Frost Valley legend. Al is on the Board of Trustees at Frost Valley and comes up to visit us at camp every summer, hosting fun and games of all kinds, including Geronimo, Story Time, and Challenge Night. At Challenge Night, villages compete in cabin groups to complete various activities, including weirdest noise, craziest body position, most accurate celebrity impression, and best counselor dance off. One of the favorite challenges is camp look-a-likes! Here are the twins of Susky & Forest Villages.

Look Alikes 1 Look Alikes 5 Look Alikes 4 Look Alikes 3 Look Alikes 2


Thanks, Al, for another awesome Challenge Night!