Who ever suggested that today’s 14-year-olds are TCFS* at camp? Tacoma defies this stereotype! They really do. It’s magical and I wish everyone reading this blog could teleport to Frost Valley and see Tacoma play our wild outdoor chair game called “Geronimo.” It’s hard to get good photos under the Geronimo Tent but I think we managed to capture the pure joy and fun game-fulness (is that a word) and willingness to be silly and just laugh that is at the heart of the summer camp experience for teens. Take a close look at these expressions. This is what kids should have at least for a weeks each summer–away from the pressures of school and of adult expectations. What a nice break!

*TCFS — of course = too cool for school; i.e., unreceptive attitude

Kate Landis (now Kate Landis Loewengart) is spending her days dreaming of camp—the camp she herself attended as a kid, and then she became a staff member and then life did its year-by-year thing. Until her amazing daughter J——, fun-loving and ready for action, starting come to Frost Valley on her own. Now she’s in Susquehanna (Susky) and loves to play Geronimo. Here she is yesterday, trying to evade me in a round of “Swat” (Geronimo is really three games all in one, Swat being the third). I sent this to Kate and her response was: “So jealous!”

Frost Valley is about families and also about the continuities that generations can make. We here want to be part of that experience.

I visited the Farm yesterday—to lead another Farm-wild-style game of Geronimo (the legendary elaborate chair game). What fun! Then joined them for another delicious Farm lunch. Here are some photos.

Aoife, proud F.I.T.*, has set the tables while we were all outside playing Geronimo. Thanks, Aoife [* Farmer{=counselor}-in-Training]

In the middle of the game, a group of 8 CiTs and their CIT coordinators, Pat (white shirt and bandana) and Elodie (cooking) arrived from their multi-day hike. They were wet and exhausted, and happy and proud. They immediately set to cooking “brunch” (as they styled it): griddlecakes cooked in a pan over a propane stove. Can you see from the photo how hungry they are? Welcome home, people!

Maya played the game hard but not a trace of grass or dirt on her sweatshirt! Her hands are washed and she’s ready for lunch. I showed this pic to her mom and she was thrilled to see such a smile! Camp’s fun.

Brother and sister farmers!

Nicky Macy, Farm Director, has a few announcements before lunch gets started.

Even though it rained yesterday for a little bit, we still made the most of it!


Forest moved inside for our game of Geronimo!

We still made some great shots on the Hard Courts.

And we splashed in puddles!!!

The Nachsin brothers, Charlie and Martin, are Frost Valley summer camp mainstays, but they usually are in different parts of camp. So they see each other yet not regularly. But this session Charlie is a camper in Sequoia (the older group of Adventure Village) and Martin is an AiT (Adventure counselor-in-training).  Still not a lot of overlap. Except for Geronimo. The legendary crazily fast chairs-in-a-circle game, which Advill, among other villages, loves to play. When Advill came to the tent for a period of Geronimo, the AiT’s came along, as did several of the Adventure directors. The whole Adventure family.

Thus it was possible for me to call for the Nachsin boys to go a few intense rounds of “Swat.” (Swat is an especially wild and crazy game embedded inside the suite of Geronimo sub-games.) I was able to capture two moments during this fraternal contest with my camera. Here they are:

Nearly all the villages devote an activity period to playing a super-elaborate chair game that entails three distinct games merged together to flow into one, “Geronimo,” “Bopper,” and “Swat.” The whole thing goes under the title “Geronimo” (a game we’ve played here since the mid-1970s).

This morning Lakota took their turn. And it was wild fun! Here are some photos: