We were so happy to have Alex Draper back as a volunteer for a few days during this session. Alex came from the U.K. as a counselor in Outpost summers back, and then served as a Village Chief (Outpost) and as Assistant Camp Wawayanda Director. Many parents reading this blog post will recall Alex and his excellent stewardship of Wawayanda in those recent summers.

Of course when someone that way into Frost Valley’s summer camp returns, it doesn’t take long before he or she has fallen head over heels in love again with the excitement, the free feeling, the be-whatever-you-want-to-be spirit. Here, in photos, below, you have evidence of this pure rediscovered joy.

“Hoopla” = tons and tons of spirit, each village proudly presenting its cheers, friendly competition but mostly collaborative high-volume antics. Here’s a sampling of photos taken during hoopla yesterday.

A lot can happen at just one meal in the dining hall. Below are photos taken during Camp Wawayanda’s lunch today. Spontaneous dancing as people set up the tables. Hugs and mini-reunions as hikers returns from their camping trips. Staff simply enjoying each other’s company. Busy directors mugging for the camera. And, of course, hoopla.