One of the best things about Frost Valley is our commitment to making a summer camp experience accessible to all.With that comes a variety of programs designed to fit the needs of campers. Yesterday morning we received news that one of our campers who is a part of the Ruth Gottscho Dialysis and Children’s Kidney Program was eligible to receive a new kidney! The camper, who is part of Pokey Totem, left camp yesterday to get his new kidney. The village chief of Pokey Totem and the staff organized a going away party for the camper; all of the campers in the village sent him off with cards and a sign congratulating him before he left. The picture above is from the going away party. Moments like these are what make the summer camp experience magical, and show the commitment our staff have to the campers. We wish the best of luck to the camper and his family. We are so excited for him!