Surely our collective blog-posting will include more and more interesting photos of the 2019 Frost Valley Olympix than the few I offer here, but I couldn’t help myself. Such a wild and enthusiastic day. If you are far away from this paradisal valley of happily collaborative folks, I trust you will get a little bit of the feel of the day from these.

I like the morning after Olympix. Everyone is sleepy and their throats are at least a little hoarse, but tiredness is good and easeful. Lots of natural smiles. Camp is camp, and now it’s back to regular activities. I took some photos this morning at breakfast intending to convey this good feeling.

Brother and sister see each other at every meal.

CIT loving her Pokey-Totem in-cabin.

Nick shares the mic with some of the campers. Each one got to make a very short announcement.

With Winter Camp in full swing, what better way to celebrate than with a full day of Winter Olympix. The day was hosted by Team Canada, and the teams competing were Russia, Switzerland, Norway, and Greenland. The games included Giant Curling, Capture the Snowman, Gramcracker House Building Contest, and Jeopardy.  Greenland’s Gramcracer House was actually a Narwhal! Banners were made, faces were painted, and cheers were created. And like every night of Winter Camp, it ended with a Summer Throwback Dance Party!

Greenland's Narwhal

Greenland’s Narwhal

Click here to watch a video of the Dance Party!!!! featuring one of our favorite summer songs!

One of the true joys of working on our Activities Department is the designing and execution of all-camp events. Olympix is an old camp tradition that evolves and grows year to year, with this year being no different. The host team was Argentina, and our 8 competing nations were made from the nationalities of some international members of our counselor staff.

There is so much that can be said for this event. It is passion and pride. It is competition on a level playing field; who can be the most spirited, enthusiastic and sporting. It is all of camp, for 2 days, loving the experience together in one community.

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