First night of second session 2019. Long, long, long-time tradition: each camp (Wawayanda and Hird) holds its opening campfire. Wawayanda met at CIT Point and the Hird gathered at the Castle lawn. It was a beautiful night, with a nearly full moon rising over Wildcat Mountain. Everyone was into the spirit of the campfire. Here are some images from the proceedings:


Howdy Everyone!

We have had a jam packed and fun first few days at Frost Valley! Just a quick note to say that ‘Mustango’ is the collective name we use for Mustang and Durango village!

Once the campers had settled into their lodges on Sunday, they played lots of ‘get to know you’ games and got excited about all the amazing activities we have to offer here. They had a delicious Pizza dinner and headed to, arguably the most anticipated event of the summer….THE FIRST OPENING CAMPFIRE OF SUMMER 2019! The kids got to watch their counselors and some special guests perform songs and skits, with the beautiful backdrop pictured below. They were the first group to use our newly renovated seating at CIT point, overlooking the lake. 

Monday morning the campers all woke up bright and early, ready for a busy day! They headed to waterfront straight after breakfast and learned about the different sections, inflatable obstacles (trampoline/slide) and boats. It was a super sunny day so all the campers loved playing in the water and cooling off! After lunch, the campers headed down to the barn to meet all of our lovely horses! They learned how to groom, tack and lead their horses so when they get assigned their very own horses for the session, they can help to take care of them. For evening program they did ‘Paper bag skits’ which is a game where they find random objects from around the cabin and have to quickly create skits or games with them, they all had a great time and worked together really well.

Tuesday morning, they all went to waterfront and had a great time shooting water guns and building sand castles. After waterfront the campers headed off on a hike to play a game called camouflage which is similar to hide and seek but better!! In the afternoon they all came down to the barn and got their horse assignments which they were all super excited for! Most of them brought an apple to give the horses as a treat, which the horses were very happy about!

For evening program they got to do low ropes which encourages teamwork and they all did an amazing job of cheering everyone else on! 

I have started to upload the photos to smug mug so keep an eye out for those! 

Here is a riddle for you guys to think about whilst you are waiting for the next blog and batch of photos:

A man rode his horse to town on Friday. The next day he rode back on Friday. How is this possible? 

Have a great day!


Today we welcomed both new and returning campers to Adventure Village and as always we like to begin the session with opening campfire. This first campfire is a special one in Adventure Village as it is here that they get their first taste of what its means to be in Adventure.

As this can be a some what  of a nervous experience for new campers we figure the best way to introduce them to the village is to have returning campers share their stories and tell them ‘what adventure means to them’, this always leads to new campers standing tall and sharing with us ‘what adventure means to them’.

From blindfolded trust walks to a hidden campfire by the stream and the teaching of songs and cheers, to the Raccoon poop (brownie mix and chocolate chips) initiation, and the drinking of the Hemlock tea, to the stories/testimonies of campers and the sounds of the great outdoors.

This was Adventure’s Opening Campfire.


Happy Trials

James Fox

Assistant Adventure Director
Frost Valley YMCA
2000 Frost Valley Rd.
Claryville, NY12725