While we have had a wet start to the session, Adventure trips have successfully packed all their bags and headed out to trail this morning! We won’t have photo updates from them for a little since they will be very busy hiking, climbing, and canoeing. But check back in towards the end of the session to see what they got up to.

Happy  Trails,


Session 2 is getting rolling and we are thrilled to have campers settling in at Adventure Village. Everyone is making plenty of new friends and connections, building bridges if you will.  While we are having a wet start to the session, Adventure Village has been running some great creative programs. We are also taking full advantage of the breaks in the rain to get outside and do activities like crossing the cable bridge and building fairy houses. Check back soon for more photos and updates.

Happy Trails,


Howdy Everyone!

We have had a jam packed and fun first few days at Frost Valley! Just a quick note to say that ‘Mustango’ is the collective name we use for Mustang and Durango village!

Once the campers had settled into their lodges on Sunday, they played lots of ‘get to know you’ games and got excited about all the amazing activities we have to offer here. They had a delicious Pizza dinner and headed to, arguably the most anticipated event of the summer….THE FIRST OPENING CAMPFIRE OF SUMMER 2019! The kids got to watch their counselors and some special guests perform songs and skits, with the beautiful backdrop pictured below. They were the first group to use our newly renovated seating at CIT point, overlooking the lake. 

Monday morning the campers all woke up bright and early, ready for a busy day! They headed to waterfront straight after breakfast and learned about the different sections, inflatable obstacles (trampoline/slide) and boats. It was a super sunny day so all the campers loved playing in the water and cooling off! After lunch, the campers headed down to the barn to meet all of our lovely horses! They learned how to groom, tack and lead their horses so when they get assigned their very own horses for the session, they can help to take care of them. For evening program they did ‘Paper bag skits’ which is a game where they find random objects from around the cabin and have to quickly create skits or games with them, they all had a great time and worked together really well.

Tuesday morning, they all went to waterfront and had a great time shooting water guns and building sand castles. After waterfront the campers headed off on a hike to play a game called camouflage which is similar to hide and seek but better!! In the afternoon they all came down to the barn and got their horse assignments which they were all super excited for! Most of them brought an apple to give the horses as a treat, which the horses were very happy about!

For evening program they got to do low ropes which encourages teamwork and they all did an amazing job of cheering everyone else on! 

I have started to upload the photos to smug mug so keep an eye out for those! 

Here is a riddle for you guys to think about whilst you are waiting for the next blog and batch of photos:

A man rode his horse to town on Friday. The next day he rode back on Friday. How is this possible? 

Have a great day!



A rainy day at Frost Valley led to quality time spent in cabin groups. Susky village spent their evening performing lip-sync dances in their cabins meanwhile Lakota, Outpost, and Thunderbird competed in the classic evening activity Challenge Night. Pokey Totem finished up their day with a dance party in the dining hall (photo featured above). They definitely didn’t let the rain get them down! Tomorrow our one week village, Thunderbird, will be going out on overnights. Half of the village will be going to Nially’s Crossing while the other half will be at Moonshadow, two of our most scenic overnight sites! Check back tomorrow for more photos of Wawayanda fun!

– Phoebe Torchia, Assistant Wawayanda Director


Al’s Challenge Night is back at Frost Valley for Summer 2015!

Challenge Night is one of our favorite Frost Valley traditions, hosted by Al, a Frost Valley legend. Al is on the Board of Trustees at Frost Valley and comes up to visit us at camp every summer, hosting fun and games of all kinds, including Geronimo, Story Time, and Challenge Night. At Challenge Night, villages compete in cabin groups to complete various activities, including weirdest noise, craziest body position, most accurate celebrity impression, and best counselor dance off. One of the favorite challenges is camp look-a-likes! Here are the twins of Susky & Forest Villages.

Look Alikes 1 Look Alikes 5 Look Alikes 4 Look Alikes 3 Look Alikes 2


Thanks, Al, for another awesome Challenge Night!



The spring season has been a welcome sight after such a long and harsh winter.  Our garden manager Hannah and property manager Beth has been on the job since the start of May to help prepare the soil, weed the rows, and get some seeds into the ground.  What has made this year so different from past summers is the amount of planning and attention to detail that has jumpstarted the garden.  We typically don’t see much produce from the garden in the Farm dining hall up until later in first session, but this summer we’ll have produce available for our camp staff training week!  Have a look at some of the early progress:IMG_7771


IMG_7778 IMG_7762 IMG_7765