What a perfectly lovely day here at Frost Valley—a true June Catskills afternoon. While the summer 2017 continued to prepare for the arrival of campers in just a few days, I took the opportunity to walk 3 miles or so along the Spring Ridge trail, which crosses east-west not far above where the cabins and lodges are located. I saw a foxgloves here and there, and followed the well marked trail through the woods, green as green could be. Eventually I emerged by the lake, and got a good view of CIT Point from across the water. Here are a few photographs:

All forty-four girls in Susky village hiked with our Adventure Director Zach Eigenbrodt on Frost Valley trails. The hike was 2.5 miles and all the girls were able to complete it! They got muddy, dirty, and found the perfect leaf. They visited the “bear cave” (an empty in the side of an escarpment), and loved it! Zach was happy to report that the girls may have come back a little dirtier and more tired, but they all had a terrific time on the hike!