One of the best things about Frost Valley is our commitment to making a summer camp experience accessible to all.With that comes a variety of programs designed to fit the needs of campers. Yesterday morning we received news that one of our campers who is a part of the Ruth Gottscho Dialysis and Children’s Kidney Program was eligible to receive a new kidney! The camper, who is part of Pokey Totem, left camp yesterday to get his new kidney. The village chief of Pokey Totem and the staff organized a going away party for the camper; all of the campers in the village sent him off with cards and a sign congratulating him before he left. The picture above is from the going away party. Moments like these are what make the summer camp experience magical, and show the commitment our staff have to the campers. We wish the best of luck to the camper and his family. We are so excited for him!

As another staff training comes to a close, the excitement of the lake coming to life, programs beginning to take shape and the camp starting to buzz with anticipation of the campers arriving all begin to surface. This summer the training has been an amazing opportunity to see the effort and care that we put into training our staff. Everyone is so focused and committed to ensuring the development, safety and enjoyment of our campers and staff this summer and it is at the forefront of all our training.
Everything from planning our skills training to learning how to work with others has been geared towards creating the best summer camp environment for everyone. It is truly one of the most enlightening and educational weeks of my year, and it is something I look forward to the most about coming back to camp. I realize how much you can learn about the people to work with and in no other place of work is the commitment to this so apparent.
But now… In less than 24 hours THE CAMPERS ARRIVE!!!!!! And it’s something we really can’t wait for in the A Team, we will see you at the check in tent very soon!!!!





Summer camp is right around the corner! The staff is pumped and already lighting up their Frost Valley Facebook groups! The long Fall (not much of a winter) has finally shaken off of the mountains and the trees are turning back to their green selves. The grass is getting mowed and finally FINALLY paperwork is slowly trickling into our offices (offer letters & reference forms). Frost Valley is ready! Are you?