One of the best things about Frost Valley is our commitment to making a summer camp experience accessible to all.With that comes a variety of programs designed to fit the needs of campers. Yesterday morning we received news that one of our campers who is a part of the Ruth Gottscho Dialysis and Children’s Kidney Program was eligible to receive a new kidney! The camper, who is part of Pokey Totem, left camp yesterday to get his new kidney. The village chief of Pokey Totem and the staff organized a going away party for the camper; all of the campers in the village sent him off with cards and a sign congratulating him before he left. The picture above is from the going away party. Moments like these are what make the summer camp experience magical, and show the commitment our staff have to the campers. We wish the best of luck to the camper and his family. We are so excited for him!


A rainy day at Frost Valley led to quality time spent in cabin groups. Susky village spent their evening performing lip-sync dances in their cabins meanwhile Lakota, Outpost, and Thunderbird competed in the classic evening activity Challenge Night. Pokey Totem finished up their day with a dance party in the dining hall (photo featured above). They definitely didn’t let the rain get them down! Tomorrow our one week village, Thunderbird, will be going out on overnights. Half of the village will be going to Nially’s Crossing while the other half will be at Moonshadow, two of our most scenic overnight sites! Check back tomorrow for more photos of Wawayanda fun!

– Phoebe Torchia, Assistant Wawayanda Director



Summer camp was in full swing for the first full day! During a beautiful and sunny morning, campers played Geronimo, learned cheers, played tag and went to waterfront orientation. Some campers were able to complete their swim tests, and the rest will be taking them tomorrow. At dinner, cabin groups got together to take their cabin photos! The photo featured here is Outpost Cabin 38, all of the boys were excited to have their photo posted so all their friends and family could see what a great time they’re having at summer camp!

We’re looking forward to an amazing rest of the week and session! Check back tomorrow for more blogging and photos.

Peace, Love, Bibbley,

The Wawayanda Directors,

Phoebe, Lindsay, Sian, Sevani


What a beautiful night for the first campfire of session 1! All of our campers were introduced to all of the staff, we sang some silly songs, and  watched the sunset by the lake!

Pokey Totem even showed us their running man challenge and danced for everyone! Here’s the video!

http://Pokey Totem Running Man!

More photos and blogs to come! We are SO excited that everyone was here!

Peace, Love, Bibbley,

The Wawayanda Directors

Lindsay, Phoebe, Sian, and Sevani



This morning  adventure awoke and gathered in the village for an activity we call morning ritual. This is where the village will meet and discuss the days core value, each day we pick one of Frost Valleys 8 core vales which are Caring, Community, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Inclusiveness, Diversity, and Stewardship. Today’s core value was Honesty, here each camper opened up and shared one fact about themselves with the group and after that they made their way to breakfast.

After breakfast we dove into a hard skills rotation. This is where the campers shuffle from station to station. At each station they learn a new outdoor skill: how to work a backpacking stove, how to read the signs of a coming storm and what to do if one comes, what a good camp site should look like, how to minimize our impact on the forests and our natural environment. Before we head into the woods we want to make sure we know everything we can and get on the same page about safety.

After the skills rotation the campers broke out into smaller groups to take part in some camp activities that they wanted. We offered candle making, soccer, and water color painting at the lake. For water color painting campers learn different tips and techniques to create their painting. Today the subject was the very beautiful Lake Cole and to create the image they mixed paint with water from the lake giving them a painting made with the subject in which they painted. A very cool concept for the campers.


Before dinner the whole village got together and jumped into the lake for the swim challenge. Today we had perfect weather to enjoy a dip in the lake! Tonight the campers are making their way to a flashlight tag game we call French Rev. After they will head back to the village to wash up and do devo with their tents. A great day of learning and running around!

Happy Trails.


Assistant Adventure Director

Today was a busy day for Adventure Village as they get ready to depart on their 4 day 3 night Mini-Trips.  It starts off in the morning with an activity called the duffle shuffle. This is when we have each camper set out all clothing and items that they want to take on the trip. Then as a group check that each person hasn’t forgotten anything important, but also that they haven’t over packed. This is extremely important as it means our campers don’t carry unnecessarily heavy backpacks. The village then breaks into their individual trips and do a rotation of four different trip prep stages.

The first is food pack out, this is where each trip works from their menus to weigh, sort and pack out each ingredient that they will need over the coming days. The second is gear pack out, again this is where each trip collect, sort and test all gear and equipment that they will be using on their Mini-Trip. If there is something broken or missing they can make sure the problem is fixed before they leave camp. This saves a significant amount of time and makes life much easier when on the trip; it also gives the campers a chance to become familiar with the equipment before using it on trail.

Our canoe trip then goes to Lake Cole with the Trips Coordinator to freshen up their paddling strokes, their portage skills and to enjoy the water. In the mean time the rest of the trips go to team building. This is where trips leaders set up a series of games, tasks and challenges that the group must work together to solve. This, while bringing the group closer together, shows in a very understanding way the importance of communication, collaboration and trust in a team environment. The final activity that they will attend is goal setting and trip expectations. This is where the goals and expectations are set for each individual and the group for the adventure ahead.

The groups will embark on their great adventure bright and early tomorrow morning.



Happy Trials

James Fox

Assistant Adventure Director
Frost Valley YMCA
2000 Frost Valley Rd.
Claryville, NY12725

The ruckus at my door yesterday afternoon was like any other; a group of campers rushing in from outside, quickly stopping in the restrooms, or for some water at the fountains that can be found in the office building we call Margett’s. It was a group of girls from Camp Wawayanda, and as so often happens, they waved and said hello’s as they passed.

Never needing too much of an excuse to leave the office chair, I wondered what activities they’d just been up to. After quickly chasing after them, I was glad I caught them in the doorway:

Two days into camp, and given the opportunity these campers took the time to thank those who often go un-thanked. More than this, they did it with proudly and with smiles on their faces.

Random Act of Kindness

Whatever you have lined up in your busy schedule today, try to recognise those around you who make your every day possible. Then drop from the ceiling like a R.A.K Ninja, and pay forward a Random Act of Kindness.

Like me, I hope you are inspired.


Physically tough, mentally sharp, and passionate about  all-things-water; we at Frost Valley are fiercely proud of our Lifeguard team. We hire experienced staff and bring them to camp early, for nationally recognised trainings, and additional training on our own Lake Cole. For us the Waterfront is one of our most important program areas, as every our resident and day camp campers have the opportunity to access it heavily during their stay.

On Monday, after drilling their routines to perfection, the Waterfront team  offered swim tests to all our staff. The night sky on the calm water provided the perfect image to introduce you to our official first swimmers of the summer.

Lake Cole ready for swimming

Lake Cole: Ready for swimming

As well as providing safety, these lifeguards are the camp counselors of the water. The friendly smiles in the water that encourage swimmers as they swim by, the hand that pulls the tired swimmer out of the water. They are the reassuring words given to those who are looking to improve their skills in the water. They are the instructors who on one hand shed light on the difference between a C-stroke and a J-stroke in the canoes, and on the other correct the backstroke that turns to the left.

Here’s to our Lifeguards, the safety conscious counselors of the waterfront.