One of the most popular and most frequently requested activities at the Frost Valley YMCA is our gigantic Y shaped climbing tower.  Built in 2007, this tower is over 50 feet high and is one of a kind, built specifically for this facility.  With four different sides to climb, this tower offers a range of difficulties, from very easy all the way up to quite difficult, with our overhanging wall.

To make things even better, the tower is also the support structure for our 300 foot long Zip-line.  On certain weekends, as well as by special arrangement, participants can climb to the top of this tower by using the inside staircase.  Once you have gotten to the top of the tower, you can take a moment to enjoy the view of the valley around you.

Looking off of the tower at the zip line

The platform at the top of the tower

When it is time for your turn, an instructor will clip you in and make sure that your harness and safety equipment is on correctly.  You can then stand on a platform on the outside of the tower, where the instructor will attach you to one of the long steel cables that provides your ride.  Once everything is checked and safe, the instructor will count down, and you are able to jump right off the platform, zipping all the way to the large poles out in the distance.  Although it can be a bit scary at first, the ride is like nothing else, and many participants call it their favorite activity of the weekend.  A once-in-a lifetime chance to fly like a bird!