The lifeguards had the day off yesterday but I snapped this photo of the lake ready for week 2 of session 1

Lots of night swims and boating happening this week. The lifeguard team is so excited !!

Today was another fun filled day in adventure camp with activities to suit all campers. Today campers took part in Geronimo a get to know you game ran by Frost Valley alumni Al Filreis, Paint twister, creeking, waterfront and some educational activities such as gardening where camper learn how to plant and care for homegrown fruit and vegetables, they then went to incredible edibles where they get to prepare and cook fresh healthy meals from start to finish, given them good food and a good sense of accomplishment. Some of the older campers in the village got to step up and lead hard skill classes to Sacky a younger female village on camp, this is where adventure camper teach other the useful and essential skill they need to succeed on an over night or mini trip. This is a great opportunity for adventure campers to take a leadership role on camp and give them a feel for the work their counselors do here at camp.

Tonight Adventure Village and joined force with STEP and left the comforts of the Dinning Hall to grill their own meal. STEP stands for Supportive Training Employment Program and is a part of the MAC program. This is the Mainstreaming at Camp program where campers with developmental disabilities come to camp and join the Frost Valley community. After cooking up a storm both villages hung out, played some field games, and danced till they could dance no more.

IMG_6782 IMG_6779

Right now they are making their way to bed so they can get some rest so they can do it all over again tomorrow.


Happy Trails.


Assistant Adventure Director











Photo of the Day; All of Adventure Village are  here and having fun.


This photo was taken after lunch yesterday 06/29/15.  Yesterday was a day of swim tests, specialties break outs, trip sign ups, campfires and a variety summer camp activities.

Due to technical issues we were unable to blog yesterday and from our own account. This issue will be fixed shortly.

Happy Trails.

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Physically tough, mentally sharp, and passionate about  all-things-water; we at Frost Valley are fiercely proud of our Lifeguard team. We hire experienced staff and bring them to camp early, for nationally recognised trainings, and additional training on our own Lake Cole. For us the Waterfront is one of our most important program areas, as every our resident and day camp campers have the opportunity to access it heavily during their stay.

On Monday, after drilling their routines to perfection, the Waterfront team  offered swim tests to all our staff. The night sky on the calm water provided the perfect image to introduce you to our official first swimmers of the summer.

Lake Cole ready for swimming

Lake Cole: Ready for swimming

As well as providing safety, these lifeguards are the camp counselors of the water. The friendly smiles in the water that encourage swimmers as they swim by, the hand that pulls the tired swimmer out of the water. They are the reassuring words given to those who are looking to improve their skills in the water. They are the instructors who on one hand shed light on the difference between a C-stroke and a J-stroke in the canoes, and on the other correct the backstroke that turns to the left.

Here’s to our Lifeguards, the safety conscious counselors of the waterfront.