Well, “summit” is an apt double meaning: Windsong, Pac, and Sunburst campers are here at Frost Valley for their final summer as campers. If they apply for our in-training programs (CiT, AiT, FiT, WiT) and are admitted into one of them, we will see them next summer as they move through our leadership experience. But this is it: being campers at 15 y.o. has its special pleasures and obligations. The latter includes a 3-day/2-night overnight hike. So that’s a summit too: typically a hike over Wildcat Mountain from the west Neversink River valley to the east. Here are some of the Windsong campers yesterday at lunch. Do they seem very much at home here? They really do!

Rain was the theme of the first night of our PAC & Windsong overnights. Both groups set out and over Wildcat Mountain to their respective overnight sites (Merrill Pavilion (P) & Pine Grove (W)).

To our campers this is a rite of passage and a very exciting and unique program that only our oldest villages get to do. The “Hike” still gets talked about by campers well after they have graduated on to their lives outside of Frost Valley. The overnight sites themselves are only used by the PAC & Windsong program and are considered sacred areas of camp.

As soon as our counselors arrived to their sites tarps were set up, camp fires were lit, and food was cooked (Pita Pizza’s the first night). The next day was activities and solo’s (all under the watchful eye of our campers). I arrived early this morning as they were preparing to hike back to camp (picking up the heavy stuff like sleeping bags, extra tarps, trash) the campers were excited about the hike back, to tell the tail of their hike to their friends, to create the memories that makes camp the magical place that it is.

Kam Kobeissi
Director of Camp Henry Hird